The indikitch Ethos

The Rules We Cook By, The Passion We Eat With

We are indikitch. We make real food that’s full of flavor - serious flavor.

We believe in all-natural non-GMO ingredients, in food made from scratch and the old way of doing things made new again. No hormones, no preservatives, no cutting-corners, no compromises. Just really delicious food, prepared to order, fired up right in front of you.

Food Without Secrets

You know how they say the truth just sounds different? Well, it tastes different too. And so it goes that the more you know about the food you eat and how it's made, the better it tastes.

Real Food. Really.

No hormones. No antibitiotics. No GMO skullduggery, just food that looks like food and tastes like food. It sounds so simple, we can’t help wondering why everyone isn’t doing it.

Super Natural

Because everybody says they are, but so many really aren’t. We’ll let you decide when you taste our cooking. No additives, No preservatives, No artificial colors. None of the nasty.

‘Processed’ the indikitch way

Meaning fresh ingredients chopped, sliced, diced, baked, tossed, mixed & prepped every day, several times a day – from scratch to finish.

Fast Slow Food

Our recipes are filled with flavors perfected over generations – your food is made in minutes.

Fired-up About Flavor

Life’s too short to waste it on the bland, the boring and the banal. A little spice, a touch of heat and a lot of love gives flavor to everything we do.

The Spice of Life

We never forget the responsibility that creating good food brings. Food is friends & family, nourishment and pleasure, comfort & adventure. First, finally, forever.

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